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Dump the Talking Heads

A talking head repeating the bullets on screen is no way to properly learn new information. No more boring presentations, a head talking AT you.  Acquiring knowledge through experiences and thought is what Cognitive Thinking eLearning is all about. Custom content development incorporating your culture and vision in a clear and concise way for the learner.

eLearning Types


Instructional approach focused on procedures and how to do something. They’re made up of repeatable tasks that are very close to what the learner will do at work. Creating a character that will show the learner the process thru video/animation and interactivities will help the learner quickly retain the procedure.


Information approach is pushing the information to the learners. Using video, audio, custom graphics and animation to give specific information that the learning can better retain and enjoy. It is more than just bullets on screen. Tracking learner's progress using assessments at the end of the elearning course will check the success of the course.


Inspiring approach is more than informing the learning but driving a positive and measurable changes in the organizational culture as well. Inspiring the learning to educate themselves to better their lives and their peers.


The interactive approach makes the course engaging, exciting, fun-based that pull learners towards it and making it more appealing. An interactive course is one which boosts learner’s interest in the course, motivates them, enhance knowledge-retention, and has been proven to offer long-term memory with its interactive nature.


Scanarios create an immersion and build an immediate emotional connection; this is particularly true if the learners can be related to the scenario. Include characters that learners will find interesting or inspiring, and ensure that it conveys a message that will get them motivated to learn. The learning can see themselves in the scenario and in return retain the important information.

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