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Custom elearning that works. No more boring presentations, a head talking AT you.
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From concept to complete online training courses, we've got you covered.
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Why elearning training? Simple; Knowledge is POWER.
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I’ve known Dawn Devillers for 15 years. Dawn was involved in every phase of the project from script-writing, to storyboarding; video/photo shoots to courseware construction, review, delivery and global LMS implementation to the end-user. She was not only a pleasure for me to work with, but my customers enjoyed, trusted, and after time, expected her participation in all the products we delivered.
William Kibler
Kibler & Associates
I've worked with Dawn for over 20 years. What I can say about her is that she's creative, fun to work with and dependable...she does what she says she will do.
Joel Copeland
COO KMI Learning

About Us

Cognitive Thinking eLearning has over 20 years in the eLearning field. We’ve worked with (partnered with? empowered?) both large and small companies, to build productive learning environments that work. Cognitive Thinking eLearning is a woman-owned business, located in Columbus, Ohio. 

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